Our business networking events usually involve food as well as wine.  The key to using food successfully is not to throw it in as an afterthought.  It needs to match the wine.  The complex subtleties of fine wines can be wasted beside a beige buffet.



We test our food pairings before presenting them.  This is great fun, and means we can vouch for what we show you.

Wine and cheese never fails to please, but chocolate can also be paired with wines – we have even used wine, cheese and chocolate – indulgence indeed!

P1010742Tapas and charcuterie are other options, as well as regionally themed nibbles such as pintxos.

Or try dessert wines and cup cakes as an alternative to afternoon tea.  There are fabulous lower alcohol sparkling wines which are perfect with cake. If that sounds too sickly, remember that quality dessert wines have high acidity making them balanced, and some go brilliantly with blue cheese – maybe swap in the Roquefort and ditch the cucumber sarnies.

Fortified wines (e.g. sherry, port & madeira) are hugely versatile and fascinating (NB most sherries are dry!).  They go fabulously well with many foods all year round, not just at Christmas (though you can’t beat madeira and Christmas cake…).

Sparkling wines are always a winner – there is a wide range of styles to explore and learn about, and again, they go with many foods – even chocolate (though it has to be the right sort!)

If you don’t fancy wine, don’t forget that beers and ciders also pair famously well with many foods, and the character of grape and grain spirits (cognac, armagnac and whisk(e)y) also offers tempting taste matches too.

Our message is anything goes – but making it work needs careful planning.

Testimonial from Mr & Mrs I: “Many thanks to you all  for the hard work and thought which you put into making yesterday’s wine with cheese event so successful. The weather was perfect, the company exhilarating, the explanations enlightening so a perfect way to spend a few hours. “







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